Tooth Extractions

Tooth Extractions Gold Coast

Sadly sometimes the best treatment for a tooth is to remove it which can be done by our dentists.

We will normally recommend tooth extraction in cases where:

  • A tooth is too damaged by deep cavities or a fracture that it can’t be repaired
  • There is a sizeable infection that can’t be treated by Root Canal treatment alone
  • You have some teeth that are blocking others from growing correctly; think about cases of baby teeth that are not yet falling out or extra teeth.
  • You need to have braces and there is need to get rid of a tooth that could be crowding others.

There are other cases also where our Tweed Heads dentist will recommend the removal of wisdom teeth; they come during teenage years or the early twenties and could be extracted if they get infected, decayed or they are causing extreme pain. Sometimes they get impacted by getting stuck under other teeth and the only solution is extraction.

We offer simple tooth extraction for those that are visible and your dentist Tweed Heads can easily loosen it and remove using forceps with the application of local anesthesia. We also conduct surgical extraction for teeth that are broken off at gum line, haven’t come in or those with large or curved roots. Thankfully, both procedures are relatively painless.

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