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Cosmetic Dentistry and Veneers

Everyone deserves to have an amazing smile and we at TC Smiles will help you on your journey to achieving your perfect smile. Our extensively trained dentists will tailor-make your treatment plan using the latest technology that modern dentistry has to offer. Our promise is to provide you with a strong and healthy smile!

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry often consists of a combination of different procedures to produce the smiles our clients dream smile.
Your initial consult will involve a detailed and informative conversation in which you and your Tweed Heads dentist will identify your goals and wishes. Our dentists will then carry out all the necessary clinical investigations, such as, radiographs/photos/moulds, to help plan your case. This planning stage is extremely crucial to ensuring a great end result. A second consultation will then be made to present you with your treatment options and commence your cosmetic treatment.

Some of the recommended cosmetic procedures may include replacing silver (amalgam) fillings with white (composite) fillings, tooth whitening, crowns, porcelain veneers, and short-course orthodontic treatment.


Veneers are a fast and efficient way to improve your smile. The two of the most common types of veneer materials are Porcelain and Composite. Veneers are thin faces/shells that are bonded to the front of your teeth to improve the smile whilst at the same time providing strength and resilience that can be compared to your tooth’s natural enamel.

When are Veneers indicated?

Thin enamel
Worn and chipped teeth
Discoloured + dark teeth
Gaps and crowding of teeth
Abnormal tooth shape

Veneers are primarily considered to be a cosmetic procedure, however it is important to note they can also strengthen weak teeth, as well as have the advantage of requiring less tooth reduction than a crown.


The Process


Initial Consult

At your initial consult, we will attain what your end goal for your smile is. We will then decide on the shade and shape of the veneers you wish to have. We may also suggest whitening your teeth prior to commencing treatment to enhance the final result.



Porcelain veneers involve minimal removal of enamel from the tooth. Nonetheless, it is still permanent removal of natural tooth structure and we always plan and strive to be as conservative as possible with our preparation.  The preparation appointment will be the longest appointment in the process. Once the teeth have been prepared, an impression is taken to send to one of our laboratories. The dentist will then place temporary veneers over your teeth which will protect the underlying prepared teeth until the final veneers are ready to cement.


Fitting of Veneers

Once the Veneers have arrived in the clinic we will call you immediately to make an insertion appointment. The first step of this appointment is to carefully remove the temporary veneer and then clean the underlying teeth. Your permanent veneers are then bonded to the tooth through a very specific process to ensure the strongest adhesion between the teeth and veneers.



As with all patients we will expect you to attend your 6 monthly oral health maintenance checks-up, as well as wear a protective night guard whilst sleeping – this will prevent any damage done by grinding in your sleep to your new smile.