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We understand that losing one or more teeth for whatever reason can be a very traumatic and difficult time, and now thanks to advances in modern dentistry, dental implants offer a great solution!

A dental implant is a titanium screw that integrates (osseointergration) into your jaw bone upon which a crown can be fitted. It looks and feels like your natural tooth, offering a fixed and permanent solution. With careful planning and skilled treatment, the procedure can be carried out under local anaesthesia (same as for fillings), in the regular dental setting.

If you have lost a tooth you might find that the surrounding teeth begin to shift leading to unsightly gaps in your smile or changes to your bite. Dental implants play an important role in modern day dentistry as they offer a permanent treatment option for missing teeth. Prior to the common placement of implants, the only options for missing teeth were dentures and bridges, and in some cases there was no treatment at all.

Implants are both cosmetically appealing and natural looking. A well placed implant will have the look, feel and function of a natural tooth. This is because they are positioned within the bone where the former tooth was rooted. They help prevent unwanted shifting of adjacent teeth too. Implants are also great for improving the fit of complete dentures. Dentures can be adapted to attach on to implants, thus giving a much better and secure fit.

Initial Consult

The surgical procedure for placing dental implants is very technical, however, in skilled hands your experience is no different to any other routine procedure you have already had carried out. Your initial consult will involve our dentists checking the implant site with radiographs and impressions. A 3D scan of the area will be required as this will give us all the information that is required to assess your suitability for an implant. As long as you have adequate thickness, density and quality of bone the implant procedure can go ahead.


Implant Placement

The surgery itself, more often than not, is very straightforward and can be carried out under local anaesthetic (the same as for a filling or extraction). The only difference being that you may be in the dental chair for a bit longer.

There are many implant systems on the market but we only use high quality MIS implants. MIS implants are the most placed implant in the world (over 2 million)! The use of this system ensures we can offer you the highest success rate for your treatment.



We can wait up to 6 months for the implant to integrate in to the bone. If properly integrated (osseointergration) your dental implant could last you your lifetime!

Once the implant is fully intergrated, we simply uncover the implant and take an impression to have the final crown fabricated. This final process can be done very quickly. The final result is you walking out of our clinic with a brand new tooth, smile and confidence.


Advantages of Dental Implants

Looks and feels like your own tooth

Fixed permanent option for a missing tooth

Closest option to having a natural tooth

High success rates

Doesn’t require treatment of neighbouring teeth

Maintained just by cleaning and flossing like your regular teeth

Can be used to support dentures