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Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that is associated with moving and repositioning the teeth and jaws. When the teeth in a persons’ mouth don’t bite or occlude correctly, this is known as malocclusion. This can have profound effects on the way someone chews, the longevity and survival rate of the teeth and also the appearance and aesthetics of that persons smile.


Benefits of Orthodontics


Improved Confidence

Straightening crooked or maligned teeth can have a profound impact on how a person’s smile is perceived and more importantly how confident they are in promoting that smile. The smile constitutes 1/3 of the face and arguably the most important part at that. Having a straight smile is a huge step towards gaining that inner self confidence everyone always desires. Aesthetic improvement is one of the leading causes of people choosing to undergo orthodontic treatment.


Reducing tooth wear

With the average lifespan for both males and females in this country reaching the 80’s, its in our best interest to make sure that teeth don’t get too worn down over 70 years of daily function. If we want to avoid wearing dentures and having to replace missing/worn teeth, we need to make sure that the force distributed by the jaws when chewing is spread evenly. Straightening teeth allows this to happen and as such, and spreads the constant load being applied to the teeth over a lifespan of use. Malagined teeth have a significantly higher incidence of cracking, fracture lines and fatigue which can lead to unnecessary restorative work down the line.


Improved oral hygiene

Oral hygiene is crucial in maintaining a healthy mouth that is disease free. Straightening crooked teeth facilitates cleaning and improved removal of plaque bacteria which will lead to an overall happier and healthier mouth. Furthermore, when someone has gone to the efforts of straightening teeth and correcting their bite they have a renewed sense of willingness to keep them clean and healthy.


Jaw problems

Jaws are meant to move with ease and stability within a hinge joint on both sides of the face. When there are problems in the positioning of the teeth and the jaw has an imbalance, this can lead to further intraoral and extraoral issues down the line. Orthodontics can help to reduce these problems by trying to restore that imbalance and make the jaw and teeth work harmoniously.


Gum Damage

Sometimes teeth can be so out of place that they can have a traumatic effect to the surrounding gums and soft tissues when a person bites together or chews. This can be an ongoing and painful problem that if not corrected earlier on, will have an escalating impact on the mouth after years. Repositioning teeth will help to resolve this issue and prevent further trauma to the soft tissues.



If you are interested in straightening your teeth, the initial step is to book a consultation and check up with one of our experienced clinicians. Our dentists will strive to answer all your questions and educate and inform you of what is happening in your mouth.

From this we can formulate an effective custom made treatment plan that will show you the best way to achieve your desired results.

The mouth must be stable and disease free prior to any orthodontic treatment so it is crucial to get everything assessed and subsequently fixed before moving onto the next step. We will also discuss with you what treatment options are available for your needs with advantages and disadvantages of each, allowing you to make the most informed decision possible

Payment plans are custom made and available to ease the financial burden of achieving the perfect smile, so make sure you ask.

Option 1

Clear Correct

For more information, visit the Clear Correct website.

Option 2


For more information, visit the Invisalign website.


Option 3

Quick Straight Teeth

Quick straight teeth is a new technology developed in the UK designed to meet the target market of those patients just wanting to straighten the front 6-8 teeth. It uses a mixture of almost invisible brackets and wires to rapidly move the position of the front teeth within a time period of 4 – 24 weeks depending on complexity; far shorter than other forms of braces. It has been designed using years and years of experienced orthodontists wisdom for use by general dentists as well as those with a special interest in the field.

Because of this and the underlying principle of design the cost is usually less, however, the discomfort and difference from normal forms of orthodontic treatment is minimal, yet the outcome is still superb. Pictures, moulds and facial calculations are taken by a trained staff member as per normal practice in realigning teeth. Once the green light has been given by the patient, we will forward the information to an orthodontic forum before a stent will be provided. From this point one of our staff will use that model to attach the brackets to your teeth in very precise positions. This minimises risk and ensures a great stable result.