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Teeth Whitening

Tooth whitening is a cosmetic procedure conducted by dentists with the aim of lightening the colour of a patients teeth. It works by breaking down the staining molecules that attach to teeth over time and removing the superficial discolouration, thereby revealing the underlying lighter and whiter natural colour of the tooth. Our clinicians will discuss your options and determine with you what is the best treatment modality to achieve your desired results.


Benefits of Tooth Whitening


Improved aesthetics

Whitening is a very easy and cost effect means to improve the way a smile looks. By merely lightening the shade of the teeth, the aesthetics of your smile will completely change.


Improved confidence

By improving the aesthetics of the smile and mouth, confidence will naturally increase too. Changing the colour of your teeth, especially if it has never been changed, will lead to a new way in which you perceive your smile and present it to the world. The way in which yourself and other people view your new smile will greatly improve your self-confidence and presentation.



Because extrinsic tooth whitening only affects the outermost staining layer of enamel on the teeth it is a harmless procedure that has no irreversible side effects. Side effects that can be caused by tooth whitening can include temporary sensitivity and discomfort, however, these minor conditions can be assessed and resolved by our experienced clinicians. Tooth whitening has no known long term effects on tooth anatomy or oral health.


Easily maintained

Whitening teeth is a casual process and its outcome is determined by how often and when you want to do it. The method of whitening your teeth will influence how regularly or how long you have to apply the whitening gel for. Look below for more info on the different techniques used by TC Smiles.


Anti aging

Without using needles of any sort we are able to give you a more youthful appearance. Whiter teeth are associated with youth and beauty and by lightening your smile you will naturally smile more; another trait of youth.


Improved oral care

By whitening and changing the way in which your smile is perceived, your habits for maintaining that smile will also be changed. It is normal to see people who whiten their teeth look after and maintain them better, leading to improved oral health and even cessation of smoking.


Natural look

Some people don’t like the gleaming Hollywood smile, and would prefer a more natural look. Tooth whitening doesn’t change or affect the shape nor positon of teeth, giving you a natural looking smile that’s improved and lighter than before.



The initial step in achieving a whiter smile is to book a consultation and check-up with one of our experienced clinicians. They will strive to answer all your questions, educate and inform you of what is happening in your mouth and formulate an effective custom made treatment plan to ensure your desires are met. Furthermore, the scale and clean conducted during your first appointment is a crucial step prior to whitening the teeth as the mouth needs to be in a clean condition. Good oral health and a clean mouth where plaque deposits and superficial staining are removed ensure that the whitening gel is most effective.

Technique one

In chair 'Zoom' Whitening

At TC Smiles we use the latest in whitening technology and offer Philips Zoom In Chair WHITENING. The appointment involves pre-operative photos, taking moulds for home bleaching trays, covering all gum and surrounding soft tissues of the mouth to protect them from the whitening gel, applying the whitening gel just to the teeth, then applying the LED light to accelerate the process whilst you watch TV.



Benefits of Zoom In Chair Whitening


Maximum whitening possible in the fastest time

Use of the LED technology will accelerate the timeframe it would normally take to whiten your teeth. This allows for a fast, effective and great results with minimal time out of your schedule.


Adjustable intensity settings

The Philips zoom in chair whitening allows for adjustable intensity which may help the process be more comfortable for you if you are experiencing sensitivity or are known to have previous sensitivity issues. Furthermore, because the settings can be adjusted you are essentially going to obtain the biggest change in tooth shade that is possible.


Safe and effective on teeth and gums

Countless studies and surveys conducted by Philips have shown minimal side effects when applied by a dental professional in a safe, trained manner. The products used are designed for oral application and have been approved by all regulatory bodies to be safe, giving you piece of mind.


Bleaching trays

As part of the package when using the zoom in chair whitening kit, we will also make bleaching trays specific for your mouth as well as provide take home gel. These trays are custom fitted and will allow the application of the whitening gel anytime at your discretion for a top up of when you see fit. What that means is you don’t have to repeatedly come in for the in chair sessions, merely maintaining what was done in the clinic.

Technique two

Philips Zoom NiteWite

If you would prefer a cheaper option that doesn’t involve as much chair time we also offer Philips Zoom NiteWite. Like previously, pictures and moulds of your mouth would be taken but after that the kit is provided to you along with usage instructions.

The kit comes with 3 syringes, enough for 18 applications. Concentrations can vary depending on preference which allows for a gradual whitening process at your own pace and time. The whitening gel used is safe to sleep with and will slowly reach the desired results. This can be beneficial if you do experience sensitivity as it allows you to whiten your teeth incrementally as opposed to rapidly via the LED light. Along with the kit we will also provide some desensitising toothpaste so that any sensitivity you do experience at home will be minimised without compromising on the outcome of whiter teeth.